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May 25, 2007, 3:06 am
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The opinion of the expert seems to be that it would be easier to try upgrading to the newest version of Drupal than switching to WordPress. I was wondering about the status of the category links and the stable permalinks to posts, so maybe it’s best to try that upgrade first after all. It just seems like a stop gap, though. I want a stable blog that my hosting service doesn’t yank due to bot attacks every couple of years. And I do NOT want to have to pay for a dedicated server or the like. Sheesh — this blog only gets about 400 visits per day. But I want to stick with open source, too. Comments are open with no registration necessary, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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I’ve always seen wordpress as the easiest option. On the other hand, I don’t use the free service, but rather download the install. Why not do that? It offers much more than the service, including flexibility. And it does take five minutes to do.

As long as you can make a database with your host…and if not, time to get a new host.

Comment by jeff

For all of my non-blog projects, I use Bluehost (I think that’s the name). I’d rather have my own server space so to speak, but I’ve kept with Typepad for my blog and my teaching blogs because I’m lazy. My Moodle work is on Bluehost, and al though I pay a yearly fee, I don’t mind. I like the service because it makes uploading, downloading and web page development far easier than I could have done on my own through other venues. I also like owning the whole project– since my Moodle site is the online textbook -to- be, I don’t want the college to have any reason to claim any rights to it.
Your blog may have only 400 visits each year, but the work that you’ve done and posted here is too important for you to have to deal with server woes or worrying if an upgrade isn’t going to jettison things.

Comment by joanna

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